is a real-time multiplayer tower defense game.

In this game, you will first start by placing your base.

Then, you will control a unit and gather more and more resources to upgrade and protect your base.

To gather more resources, you can attack resources such as wood and stone. A faster way to do so is to attack others to grab their resources!

Beware, monsters will attack your base in the night and you may lost your resources if your base or you get destroyed by others so be careful!

Tips: Get a good spot before starting your journey!

How to play?

Move using WASD or Arrow keys

Left click to use / fire

Right click to interact with structure (upgrade / sell)

Hold space to mass upgrade when interact with structures and to open gates

Keyboard Keys to change items (1 - 9, R and T)

Press B to level up weapon and armor

Press E to enable / disable auto click

Press Enter to chat

Press M to join / create a squad

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awesome game!